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Welcome to Kelee At Leela Where Authentic Indian Flavors Come Alive

Enjoy your faculties in a culinary excursion like no other at Kelee, where each dish recounts an account of custom, flavor, and energy. Settled in the core of Leela Indian Food Bar - Dundas, our Indian restaurant welcomes you to encounter the lively embroidery of Indian cooking in a vibe that oozes warmth and cordiality.

The Pith of Kelee

Step into Kelee, and be welcomed by the tempting fragrances of flavors and spices that consume the space. Our menu is a festival of India's culinary variety, offering a wide cluster of dishes going from fragrant curries to sizzling baked fortes.

Signature Dishes

Enjoy the notable kinds of North India with our delicate Chicken Tikka Masala, marinated in rich pureed tomatoes implanted with fragrant flavours. For those hankering a sample of the coast, enjoy our delicious Goan Fish Curry, overflowing with tart coconut and searing stew notes.

Vegan Enjoyments

Vegetarianism isn't simply a decision but a lifestyle for the vast majority in India, and our menu gives proper respect to this practice with a flawless choice of veggie-lover dishes. From the rich decency of Paneer Spread Masala to the generous solace of Dal Makhani, each dish a demonstration of the flexibility of Indian vegan cooking.

Flavor of Tradition

At Kelee, we invest heavily in utilizing unquestionably the freshest fixings and conventional cooking strategies to guarantee a genuine eating experience. From crushing our flavor mixes to baking our naan bread in a customary oven stove, each dish is made with adoration and skill.

See Us Today

Experience the sorcery of Indian food at Kelee and set out on a culinary experience that will entice your taste buds and leave you hankering for more. Go along with us for an excursion through the energetic kinds of India, We welcome you to come and experience the kinds of India at India Food Bar. Whether you love Indian food or you're attempting it interestingly, we guarantee you will not be frustrated. So why pause? Book your table today and prepare for a culinary experience at India Food Bar!