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Welcome to Leela Indian Food Bar: Your Culinary Escape in High Park

Come on for a food experience with us at Leela Indian Food Bar, here in the vivacious neighbourhood of High Park on Dundas Road. We're an extraordinary restaurant - we're your pass to a universe of mouthwatering Indian dishes made with adoration and innovativeness.

At Leela Indian Food Bar, our process began with a major dream: to bring the kinds of India to High Park in a new and exciting manner. All of us are tied in with blending conventional Indian recipes with current turns to give you a dining experience like no other.

What Makes Us Unique

Stroll into Leela Indian Food Bar and prepare to be cleared away by the amazing scents and tastes waiting for you. Our menu is a blend of exemplary Indian top choices and innovative dishes that exhibit the best of what Indian cuisine brings to the table.

Must-Attempt Dishes

Prepare your taste buds for a party with our particular dishes! From the velvety decency of our Margarine Chicken to the delicious flawlessness of our Baked Sheep Chops, each chomp resembles a mini getaway to India.

Keeping it Classic

We invest wholeheartedly in sticking to custom while additionally adding our extraordinary touch. Our culinary experts utilize hands down the freshest ingredients and revered cooking strategies to ensure each dish is bursting with genuine Indian flavour.

Goodwill at its Best

At the point when you're at Leela Indian Food Bar, you're something other than a client - you're family. Our cordial group is here to ensure you have the most ideal dining experience, from the second you stroll into the second you leave with a full and blissful stomach.

Come Visit Us

Prepared to brighten up your life? Come see us at Leela Indian Food Bar and let us take you on a flavor-filled venture through India. Situated in the core of High Park on Dundas Road, we're the ideal spot for a comfortable dinner date, a great night out with companions, or any event worth celebrating. Hold your table now and prepare to find the enchantment of Leela!